About Us

WTG’s team has over 65 years experience in the trading of luxury, distressed and difficult to source assets. Although based in the UK, WTG has a ‘reach’ across the globe for both clients and suppliers alike.

As our past projects and experience is very diverse please see below some of the projects we have been involved in

  • Purchase, redevelopment and sale of a Napoleonic Fort on the South Coast of England
  • Purchase and sold a chain of care homes
  • Purchase of a private hospital
  • Purchase and sold a retirement/care village in Wales
  • Purchased, operated and sold a chain of motor dealerships
  • Set up, operated and sold a Marina based in Europe.
  • Various deals relating to distressed purchase and sale of luxury yachts.
  • Acquired and operated a family logistics and warehousing business.
  • Purchased and sold a development in Scotland containing 45 luxury apartments
  • Set up and operating a manufacturing base in South Africa
  • Set up and operating a social housing project in South Africa
  • Investment in a range of small technology companies
  • Sourced and financed a port redevelopment in Southern Europe

What we do?

WTG are able to source, purchase or sell in any of the following areas:
  • Marine
  • Private & Commercial vehicles
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Medical & Theatre Equipment
  • Land & Property (Commercial & Residential)